For the Clothes that really matter, you'll reach for the MAWA hangers in your closet.
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MAWA Super Grippy Metal Hangers come in three unique designs:
  • Silhouette/Standard Shape: Sleek and slim - for shirts, pants, sweaters, silky blouses
  • Economic/Euro Style: European inspired design - for shirts, pants, sweaters, silky blouse
  • Bodyform/Curved Dimensional: Faired ends for extra support - for suites, sport coats, over coats
So Grippy you’ll never find your clothes on the floor…unless you left them there!
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3/8 thin, 16 wide 3/8 thin, 16 wide
Our Silhouette non-slip hanger is sleek and slim, preserving the appearance of your most delicate items.
Our Silhouette Non-Slip Ultra Thin hanger at 1/10" thin is absolutely perfect for your most delicate shirts and dresses.
3/8 thin, 16 wide 3/8 thin, 16 wide
Featuring Grippy Clips for skirts, slacks or accessories, this is the perfect combo hanger for cardigans, t-shirts and jackets. European flair, a super-grippy coating  and a unique design  that combines pant bar and skirt hooks in one hanger.
16 wide 18 wide
16" Hanger shaped to replicate the human form. It's ideal for garments that need shape--blazers, sport coats, topcoats. 18" Hanger shaped to replicate the human form  . It's ideal for garments that need shape--blazers, sport coats, topcoats.
16 wide 16 wide
The best 16" suit hanger available. Shaped to replicate the human form.  Exclusive super grippy coating. Includes pant bar. The best 18" suit hanger available. Shaped to replicate the human form.  Exclusive super grippy coating. Includes pant bar.
3/8 thin, 16 wide 12 wide children's size
Adda-Set includes four Silhouette 41/F hangers and four cascade clips that let you hang four garments in the space of one! These fun, colored hangers are great for organizing kids closets.  Super grippy coating keeps clothes off the floor.
Use this traditional Silhouette profile with clips to keep your favorite coordinates together. Nickel plated hardware with super-grippy coating provides tenacious grip.
Buying Guide: Super Grippy Hangers

When you take pride in your clothes, the hangers you put them on should reflect that pride. The Super Grippy MAWA Hangers are designed to keep clothing on the hangers rather than on the floor. They are also designed to keep hanging clothing in its ideal shape. With the artistically and methodically designed hangers from MAWA, your clothing will keep its shape and last longer.

Why Our Hangers are Superior

The Super Grippy MAWA hangers are thin metal hangers that come with a grippy coating. These high quality, sleek, and functional hangers are crafted in Pfaffenhofen, Germany where they have been made for over 60 years. Due to the quality and design, MAWA hangers have a strong following all over the world. Once you add MAWA hangers to your closet, you will notice the difference.

Silhouette Super Grippy Hangers

Our Super Grippy Hangers come in our three shapes designed for clothes. The Silhouette is our standard shape. It is sleek and slim which makes it just right for shirts, pants, sweaters, and silky blouses. The Silhouette hangers are made of cold-rolled steel and formed to a shape that prevents unwanted shoulder bumps. You will appreciate the gentle swivel of the nickel-plated hook when you are hanging your clothes in the closet. The Silhouette hangers vary in size from ? inches to 1/10 inches. Most are 16 inches in length. They come in black, silver, and white, but a few of the Silhouette hangers are available in pink, too. You can order the Silhouette hangers with or without attached pants hangers.

Cleanly Styled European Designs

Another popular design of our Super Grippy Hangers is the Economic Euro style. These are truly European in design, with clean lines curved in an ellipse. The fall-away, elliptically-shaped hanger will prevent shoulder bumps, like the Silhouette style, but without the added curves. This hanger style is perfect for raglan sleeves as well as cardigan sweaters, pullovers, jackets, and tee-shirts. These are also 16 inches long and come in white, black, silver, and pink. They also come in a slightly smaller 14 inch length that is perfect for children and women’s clothing. They are also available with or without a pants hanger that comes with or without clips. You can keep your suits together on a beautifully designed hanger.

Hangers Curved Like the Human Form

The final design that we offer is the Bodyform Curved Dimensional hanger. The ends of this style hanger are faired to offer support to heavier clothes like suits, overcoats, and sport coats. These have more of a contour than the Economic Euro or the Silhouette Standard shape. These are available in black, white, and silver and they are available in 16 inches and 18.5 inches in length. The larger length is designed to replicate the shoulder curve of the human body, thus preventing shoulder bumps. When you order the Bodyform hanger, you can choose to have the pants bar on either size hanger.

Add Accessories to Improve Closet Design

You can also choose to maximize your closet space by using our Adda Hanger Connectors and our Ahi Better Blocks cedar blocks will keep your closet smelling fresh, like a clean cedar forest.